A Fractured Tooth May Need First Aid While Seeking Professional Care

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Athletes and children are at increased risk of suffering an accidental blow to the face or mouth. In some situations, enough force can be applied to a tooth to crack or fracture its enamel layer.

If you or someone near you has just suffered a fractured tooth, you may need to apply some basic first aid measures while you seek professional treatment from a dentists like Dr. Daniel Merrill and Dr. Stephanie Merrill.

A gentle rinse with lukewarm saltwater might help to clear away any oral debris from the mouth. You should not attempt self-care to address any wounded soft tissues. If something is bleeding, you can lightly pack the area with some sterile gauze.

Temporary relief of discomfort might be addressed by consuming a standard dose of an over the counter pain medicine or gently rubbing topical oral analgesic on the nearby soft tissues.

Once you arrive at Merrill Dental our staff will assess the severity of the damage to the tooth and any surrounding soft tissues. Our dentists will then explain your treatment options.

To treat a more significant dental fracture we might need to perform a dental crown restoration to remove the remaining tooth enamel layer before replacing it with another durable material.

If you are in the West Chester, Ohio, area and you or someone near you has just suffered an oral injury, you should not delay in calling 513-779-7711 to seek treatment at Merrill Dental.