Merrill Dental strives to preserve our patients’ oral health by diagnosing and treating oral diseases before they reach an advanced stage. Our father-daughter dentists may need to remove a small sample of oral tissue to determine whether it is diseased. This procedure is known as a tissue biopsy.

Biopsies are often recommended for patients who have unexplained lesions or discoloration on their gums, cheeks, tongues, teeth, or even jawbones. Most often, our dentists are screening for signs of oral cancer, which can create white or red lesions around the mouth and lips. Drs. Merrill and Merrill can diagnose oral cancer by performing a brush biopsy, in which they scrape the surface of an oral lesion to collect tissue cells to be examined under a microscope.

After determining the cause of your oral lesions, our dentists will create a care plan if necessary, keeping your personal dental needs and budget in mind. We will work with you to execute customized and effective treatment to address the problem and restore your oral health as soon as possible.

Please contact Merrill Dental at 513-779-7711 today if you have noticed lesions or discoloration developing in your mouth. Our team will help you schedule an oral exam with Dr. Daniel Merrill and Dr. Stephanie Merrill to determine whether you need to undergo a tissue biopsy in West Chester, Ohio.