Your mouth is just one system that makes up the larger system of your body. What happens to your smile often has a direct effect on your general health, and our dentists and team at Merrill Dental understand that. We offer holistic dentistry in West Chester, Ohio, which is a less invasive approach to oral healthcare that also takes your overall well-being into consideration. For example, we offer metal-free, ceramic dental restorations for better aesthetic results and improved oral and overall health.

At Merrill Dental, we have a fully ozone-treated office and avoid all disposable materials where we can to reduce waste and the practice’s carbon footprint.

We also offer anxiety reducing techniques, such as:

  • Warm fluffy towels
  • Massage chairs

Dr. Daniel Merrill or Dr. Stephanie Merrill will be happy to tell you more about holistic dentistry, and you can call 513-779-7711 to schedule your free consultation.