Bad Work Habits That Can Harm Your Smile

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As you work in your office or cubicle, you most likely participate in habits that can harm your smile. In fact, little, simple, and mindless habits can damage your teeth and gums more than you might realize. This is why your dentists, Dr. Daniel Merrill, encourages you to keep your smile in mind while you work and avoid these habits as much as possible. The habits to avoid are:

-Using your teeth as tools. Using your teeth to open a package or rip off a tag can add pressure to the teeth and chip them.

-Chewing on pens and pencils. Chewing on inedible things can also add pressure to the teeth and fracture the enamel.

-Sipping on your drink throughout the day. Sipping on your drink regularly can constantly expose the teeth to sugar and acid. This can promote dental issues.

-Smoking. Smoking is very dangerous for the mouth, especially because it promotes tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, oral cancer, and more.

-Forgetting your toothbrush at home. If you forget your toothbrush at home, you can’t brush after lunch. It’s recommended to brush after lunch so you can maintain a clean smile.

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