Correcting Issues That Arise with Diabetes and Your Smile

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Were you aware of the relationship that exists between diabetes and your oral health care? Just as your oral health can negatively affect your diabetes, so too can your diabetes negatively affect your oral heath.

If you suffer from diabetes, you are more likely to experience conditions such as dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when saliva production in your mouth is decreased, which can lead to an increased risk for dental erosion and gum disease. Fortunately, dry mouth can be treated, although diabetes can in many cases cause delayed recovery time.

Oral health ailments such as gum disease can also contribute to increased risks of diabetes. Gum disease often increases your blood sugar, which will have a negative effect on your diabetes. A combination of oral health care and routine dental visits, including bi-annual professional cleanings should be implemented into every oral health care routine for those suffering from diabetes.

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