If you have loose teeth, you know how uncomfortable it can be to chew food or even speak. Instead of waiting for your teeth to heal or become loose enough to extract, come visit Merrill Dental and learn more about periodontal splinting.

Permanent teeth can become loose as a result of periodontal disease, dental trauma, pressure, or orthodontic treatment. Drs. Merrill and Merrill, our father-daughter duo, can stabilize your smile by bonding weakened teeth together to form a single unit and attaching them to neighboring teeth. This procedure utilizes bonding material or a dental splint and is most often performed on the front teeth.

Periodontal splints are designed to be strong, durable, and aesthetic for your smile. Our dentists create customized splints to fit the unique contours of your smile and to prevent the displacement of loose teeth. During an initial oral exam, Drs. Merrill and Merrill will assess the severity of your loose teeth and determine which style of splint is most advantageous to your smile.

We may recommend that you receive periodontal splinting in West Chester, Ohio, if you have reduced periodontal support and struggle to chew your food comfortably. To learn more about this procedure and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, we invite you to contact us at 513-779-7711 today.