Effective Flossing Techniques

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Have you ever seen internet posts that claim that flossing is not actually necessary for your teeth? Merrill Dental is here to tell you the truth of the matter: cleaning between teeth is absolutely vital.

Here’s why: flossing helps remove a sticky substance called plaque containing bacteria that live on the leftover sugars and food particles in your mouth. These bacteria gnaw away at the outer layers of your teeth, inciting cavities and gum disease. Thus, flossing and other interdental cleaners can help keep your mouth healthy!

If you find yourself struggling to floss consistently, consider switching your methodology. There are actually many choices accessible to you for cleaning between your teeth. Would you like your floss to be waxed or unwaxed? Flavored or unflavored? You can even select comfort floss. A dental pick, wooden plaque removers, or pre-strung flossers are all options. If you choose to use a wooden plaque remover, talk to your dentist about how to use it safely so you don’t injure the tender tissues of your mouth.

Some mouths have a tough time with conservative flossing techniques. You may have braces or dental bridges on your teeth or have difficulty flossing by hand. In this case, consider water flossing.

Flossing should not be painful. It is normal for some discomfort to be present if you are just starting, but if the pain continues for more than a week or two, call Merrill Dental. We’ll help you.

Remember, children need to floss too! Start with your child immediately after they have two teeth touching one another. Because of the greater dexterity required for flossing, your child is likely to require support until the age of 10 or 11.

Is it better to floss before or after you brush? The answer is that it doesn’t really matter. The most important part about interdental cleaning is that it gets done, once a day! Before brushing, after brushing, night time, lunch time–anytime is a wonderful time to floss!

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