Get Your Oral Cancer Screening Today!

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Cancer can be frightening, especially when you are caught off guard. Luckily, you can have an oral cancer screening with your dentists when you go in for a checkup. Dental screenings can save your life, which is why it’s important to also know other symptoms associated with oral cancer.

Did you know, oral cancer screenings take place during your semiannual checkup with your dentists, Drs. Merrill and Merrill? That is mainly because the early any cancer is found, the better the chances are at overcoming it. Oral cancer is enormously serious and can threaten your life. Knowing what to keep a lookout for when it comes to cancer can also help, so you know when to come into the dentist.

A few signs of oral cancer include common things like toothaches or colds. If these conditions persist, come into our office at Merrill Dental in West Chester, Ohio, so we can give you a screening. Other oral cancer symptoms include mouth sores, persistent pain in your mouth or throat, a lump or thick cheek, white or red patches, difficulty swallowing or chewing, numbness, voice changes, persistent bad breath, and even difficulty moving your tongue or jaw.

It’s plain to see, oral cancer is not something to take lightly. It can be fatal, especially when disregarded and left untreated. If you feel it’s almost time for your dental checkup and would like an oral cancer screening, please call us today at 513-779-7711. We are always excited to help keep your smile healthy.