Handling a Dental Emergency

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In case of a dental emergency, would you know what to do? Knowing what to do ahead of time can help reduce stress as it enables you to react if ever a crisis arrives. Having this knowledge and acting quickly can not only save yourself discomfort, but it may also save your tooth.

-In the event a tooth gets knocked out, hold it by the crown and rinse the root in water if dirty. DO NOT scrub the tooth or remove any of the attached tissue. If possible, gently put the it back into its socket or into a cup of milk to bring with you to the dentists.
-For a broken tooth, you can clean your mouth with warm water and use some ice for the swelling. Go to the dentists as soon as possible.
-A bitten tongue or lip can be gently cleaned with a cloth and you can use a cold compress for the swelling. After a short time, if the bleeding is heavy or hasn’t stopped, you should seek immediate medical attention.
-If you have a toothache, you could rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss to remove any food particles that may be there. Come see us at Merrill Dental as soon as you can if it persists.
-If you’re traveling and have a dental emergency occurs, you can ask the local emergency room for a dentist referral. If you are abroad, you can contact the U.S. Embassy or you could ask the hotel personnel for a referral.

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