Types of Dental Implants to Address Your Tooth Loss

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When a condition occurs that causes you to have missing teeth, we invite you to consider receiving dental implants. These long-lasting dental restorations have a success rate that is over 90% and are very compatible with your your body. We invite you to learn more about the types of dental implants and how they can benefit your smile for the long term.

Dental Implant Types

Dr. Daniel Merrill can provide three types of dental implant, each of which offer specific functions:

Endosteal dental implants are the most common option and are comprised of high-quality metals that are placed directly in the jawbone for a firm anchor so that you can have sturdy and natural-looking teeth without the complication of tooth loss. However, if missing teeth have weakened your jawbone to the point that it can’t properly support implants, you may be recommended for another type.

Subperiosteal dental implants are placed after an anchor is attached to the bone, which they use for a sturdy hold. These implants are not as conservative, but they may be ideal for patients with bone loss because they can anchor to the remaining bone structure to restore one’s smile.

Transosteal dental implants are perhaps the least used dental implants since they require a longer healing time. This is because they penetrate the whole of the jawbone in order to keep implants sturdy after bone loss.

Depending on how which type of implant you receive, the healing period for your smile can require a few months before the process can be completed. Our team is committed to helping you remain comfortable and informed on your progress during this time.

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